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Christine is a seasoned and versatile massage therapist. She enjoys working with people throughout the entire lifespan, from infants to elders.

She has a background in the biological sciences, early childhood and adult development, human sexuality, community based health care, public health and the arts. She has lived and studied in other cultures. She grew up in a natural environment. She has worked in medical settings, has worked extensively with underserved communities, has learned from indigenous and traditional healers, and keeps up with research in her areas of interest.

Over the years her training in body work has included Swedish massage, breath work, muscle testing, myofascial releasing, polarity therapy, positional release, craniosacral therapy, infant craniosacral therapy,  Arvigo Maya abdominal techniques, TMJ release techniques, whiplash treatment, deep tissue massage, bioenergetic therapy, pre and perinatal massage, repatterning, reflexology, movement therapies, lymphatic drainage, hypnotherapy, champissage, acupressure, sports massage, and orthopedic massage. She has worked in health care settings, in community settings, in early childcare education, in nursing homes, with laborers, with professional sports teams, opera companies, working musicians and indigenous healing traditions. She honors and gratefully acknowledges her teachers, clients, family, friends and colleagues.

She works with those who want to relax to maintain good health, as well as others who have specific concerns originating in injury or day to day stress. Those experiencing the aches and pains of pregnancy, recovering from childbirth, athletic injuries, repetitive motions, accidents, breathing difficulties, other chronic conditions, and digestive, reproductive or urinary tract issues have also found her work to be helpful.

Christine works with infants and their parents, especially related to birth and breastfeeding issues.

She works with all ages to reduce pain and stress.


She has specific certifications  and intense study in the following:

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Craniosacral therapy

Infant craniosacral therapy

Prenatal and post-partum massage

Early Childhood Educaton

Intra-oral massage and endorsement by the State of Washington

Lymphatic Therapy

Positional Release

Licensed by the State of Washington 18896


She works with each person collaboratively. You have information, history, internal knowledge and feelings, while she has skills, experience, intuition and a variety of techniques that can help.

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