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Christine is available for appointments on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays in SE Seattle, near Seward Park, see map below. Click here for schedule for this location:   schedule now

She occasionally travels for longer periods to further her study- during which time she is unavailable for scheduling. 

Rates-please note differences

  • 60 minute relaxation massage-   $90.00
  • 75 minute relaxation massage-  $115.00
  • 90 minute relaxation massage-  $135.00
  • one hour pregnancy massage-  $90.00 
  • four units medical massage billed to insurance   $150.00
  • one unit hydrotherapy billed to insurance   $18.00
  • Senior Discounted Massage:    $73.00
  • First Maya Abdominal Massage appointment,  90-120 minutes includes intake, massage, instruction for self care and castor oil pack if needed- $180.00
  • Followup Maya Massage appointments are 60 to 75 minutes as above
  • Castor oil treatment with warm hydro pack- add $15.00 to appointment

Discounted Prepaid Package Prices    (note:many HSA's can be used to purchase these)

  • 12x60 minute massages- $960.00 
  • 6x60 minute massages-  $500.00
  • 12x75 minute massages- $1,135.00
  • 6x75 minute massages -  $575.00
  •  6x pregnancy massages -  $520.00
  • 12 x pregnancy and postpartum massages -$1000.00


Pre-paid packages and gift certificates are available on this website. To purchase click on menu on gift certificates and pay using a credit card.

Cash, checks and most major credit cards are accepted via the Square Card reader in the office at day of appointment.


Appointments can also be paid for in advance via the gift card option on this website or at time of service.

HSA (health savings accounts) are accepted via a Square Card reader and other related health savings cards and checks that are part of health plans are accepted.

Detailed receipts can be issued for reimbursement which patient submits to their insurance company, and depending on the plan, these will generally be emailed or mailed.



Christine practices in Seattle, Washington area in SE Seattle near Seward Park, at 5370 Wilson Avenue South.  Map below.

For a regularly scheduled client who is unable to leave their home due to mobility issues (such as bed rest, a newborn, or childbirth), she will do home visits or hospital visits.



 christine coe     at her office at     

Tree of Life Healing Arts on M,W, Saturday and Sundays  

call or text her at

(206) 446-1117



 schedule now



BUS ACCESS   Christine's Office is 600 feet off the METRO route 50 bus line. 

Tree of Life Bodywork, Christine Coe, LMT

(206) 446-1117 office

(206) 723-2813 fax

5370 Wilson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118

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