"I saw Christine for weekly pre-natal massage through the second half of my twin pregnancy; her bodywork was a HUGE factor in getting to 38 weeks and a vaginal delivery. She took such good care of me and helped my mind and body adjust and stretch to accommodate the lives I was carrying. No matter how tired, sore, swollen, or stressed I was when I climbed onto the massage table, I always left feeling content, whole, and restored. Christine could anticipate my mood and my body's challenges by the way I carried myself from the waiting room to massage table; she knew what I needed without asking (though she always asked). I've not yet enjoyed the luxury of massage since giving birth to two happy, healthy little girls... but when I do I will return to Christine without hesitation; she's truly special." MR


"I have been seeing Christine for 12 years. I consider her to be part of my heath care plan. I have seen her through my recovery from surgery, and after my weekly hikes since then. Her quiet sense of humor and intelligence are other aspects of my enjoyment of our sessions. She is funny! and full of surprises.I have never hesitated to refer my friends. Their reviews have been great."-PB


"After an auto accident in which I was rear-ended, I began to see Christine for bodywork under my PIP. After a through evaluation, both physical and verbal, she encouraged me to see a forensic auto adjustor. This was of great benefit to me as damages that could not be seen from the look of my bumper were discovered. More importantly I have been able to resolve the pain and injury from the car accident with her massage. Her regular care of my neck, chest, hips and low back have really made a difference for me. In fact she referred me back to my physician for injuries she suspected were from the accident, and I have had additional treatments for those injuries. There were several times I was able to barely limp into her office and left vigorously striding." MA


"I came to see Christine because of frequent miscarriages and fertility issues.... I was very sad and discouraged. I was not feeling hopeful. First she took thorough lifestyle and physical histories of me and my husband. Then she performed Maya abdominal massage, pelvic steams and castor oil packs on me. She taught me the self care massage (which I wasn't very good at actually doing at home), but every time I came in she patiently retaught me and encouraged me to do it at home. She actually convinced me to try not to get pregnant for a while and to try preparing my body for a healthy low stress conception. At some point my husband also came in for treatments as well, but that's his story to tell. I learned so much about my cycles and stress, so with her encouragement, I relaxed more too. We decided to hold off for a while to help my body recover. After eight months of once or twice a month treatments (and me trying to be good), we got pregnant and I carried my baby son to term, the first time we tried! Since I had had five prior miscarriages, I attribute this to the work we did together creating a healthy place for our baby to grow." AG

"I was referred to Christine by my doctor. I had been to see a physical therapist as well as other doctors in the past. I had very bad scar tissue from three caesarian sections over a twelve year period. I was having a lot of pain in my lower belly and other issues with my bladder. Christine used abdominal and back massage and hot oil packs to relieve my pain. I gradually got better after being in pain for twelve years. I came in every week for two months. I can say that my pain is gone, in fact I have forgotten about it and I felt it all the time before."KS